intuitive cooking, sensible eating.

bagels for david & settling in c’td

so saturday morning came around in a big way for me: an alarm clock, followed immediately by a short bike ride and a lot of coffee.  why?  waiting for an overnighted package.  since i was forced to stick around home all morning, and it being yom kippur, i decided i’d make bagels for david.  he was fasting in observation of the holiday, and he had told me that his family usually broke their fast with bagels, cream cheese, and lox.

what could i make that would take all morning filled with making something that most people don’t bother with because it’s such a multi-step process?  yes, bagels, i said.  i will make david bagels while i wait.

everything went pretty well, and i think they turned out great.  so too did the feast that occurred later that evening!

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