intuitive cooking, sensible eating.

ratatouille for days

now that i am working, and i am cooking for just me for part of the week, i decided to keep it simple.  i made a whole bunch of ratatouille to bring for lunch and have for dinner too (until i get bored of it, i suppose).  my new home reminds me of my childhood best friend’s parents’ place–homey, welcoming, tidy, and peaceful.  i love cooking here SO much.  the stove is covered with well maintained cast iron pans; my roommates and i talk about cooking all the time.  life is good.

so here is the ratatouille.  it’s super simple; i just diced up eggplant, sweet and red onions, garlic, mushrooms, summer squash, zucchini, green bell pepper and sauteed it in oil.  i winged it with the seasoning–dumped in tumeric, garam masala, curry powder, roasted cumin, smoked paprika, s & p, lemon, red wine vinegar.  then i chopped up some cherry tomatoes and tossed them in before getting it all in the oven to roast at 425 until it looked done, doing some intermittent stirring.  at the end i chopped up olives, added capers, and minced cilantro.  it turned out OK.

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