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Accident & an easy dinner.

Yesterday I crashed onto my face while bicycling.  I was on my way to work, and headed down this one way street.  A big recycling truck was bearing down behind me, and I did not want to have it pressing me up into the parked cars along the way, so I decided to get onto the sidewalk.  My tire caught this bump on the driveway I chose as my route, turned suddenly, and off I went.

The next hour is kind of a blur…

  1. CRASH!!
  2. OMG BLOOD!!!!
  3. guy magically appears with pristine white towel to soak up blood, calls cops
  4. lieutenant Scully arrives>sit in front seat of cop car waiting for ambulance
  5. get in ambulance, ice on my face, Carlos and Tom offer to take my bicycle to their fire station to keep it safe
  6. other cop shows up and drives me to Howard Hospital and drops me off
  7. the hospital sucked and was super cold and I was confused and then got 3 stitches
  8. walked home up Sherman, picked up my bicycle, chilled out
  9. easy dinner


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