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Weary Travelers Chicken Marbella

I wanted to make something special for the return of my weary traveler.  After working hard putting on and attending an event, and a long day of traveling, the stress of my frantic call form the ER/bicycle crash, I wanted to make my dear friend a good meal to come home to.  had bought the ingredients to make Chicken Marbella the previous week, as I was going to make it in addition to the bagels on Yom Kippur.  The bagels were enough that day, and so I put those plans on hold for a bit.

This was a fun dish to make.  It was easy, and combines a sauce made on the stovetop finished off in the oven with the chicken.  I enjoy recipes that finish in the oven because it gives you time to clean up a bit and make salad.  I adapted this version of Chicken Marbella from Simply Recipes (a fantastic blog). The changes I made were: using chicken breasts which I had brined for several hours in advance, added some lemon, did not use white wine, added some bouillon, used less brown sugar/added a touch of honey instead.

The result was delicious, though I think the bouillon was a mistake because it was a bit too salty.  The olives were plenty of salt added, so I would not make that mistake twice.

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