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David Always Makes Brunch

I am a lucky lady.  I am part of a cooking team, though it may not have been entirely clear until this post how well it works.  When it comes to lunch and dinner, I will go the extra mile.  I will cut, chop, make sides, plan all day, and execute anything that strikes my fancy–no matter how complicated.  At the end of my day, I am generally always up for cooking stuff that might seem unnecessarily difficult for, say, a Wednesday night post work dinner.

What is surprising, then, is how boring I am when it comes to breakfast.  I have basically eaten the same breakfast everyday for about four years: granola/fruit/yogurt in the summer and fall, switching to baked oatmeal in the winter.  I think that I take comfort in the ritual, the fact I know I will get several servings of fruit immediately, and the fact that I just really love yogurt!

David loves brunch.  That is one of the first things I found out about him when we met, actually, and began cooking together.  This is fantastic because not only does he love it, the things he makes are delicious and also not dishes I would endeavor to make so early in the day.

Here are two brunches I had the pleasure of sharing with him recently.

Frittata with sauteed vegetables and English Derby cheese:

Oh, and he can cook for a crowd.  I contributed the english muffins to this (my first time making them, actually), but David did everything else.  We were lucky to have company for this meal, too, and our friends brought over some of their own delicious creations: scones, and an autumnal fruit salad of pears, plums, tossed with chopped crystalized ginger! Everything was SO fantastic.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, asparagus, and salad.\:

We even had a visiting bee!  It really loved the ginger, apparently.

Cheers to you 🙂

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