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Dinner at Sherman House!

Sunday night I had the pleasure of making a meal for my roommates at Sherman House, Linsay, Ted, and Gabriel.  They are lovely people who also enjoy good food, music, and company.  On Saturday I roasted one of the chickens Linsay got for me.  Her band mate raises free range, hormone free chickens.  I decided to cook up the entire bird and pull the meat off to use during the week in other dishes. I  also roasted up 3 butternut squashes.  I had eggs.  I had some good cheese.  And this dish is what I made with all those ingredients.

I It is essentially just a strata of layers with scrambled eggs mixed with cream and cheese poured over, topped with more cheese.  I started by caramelizing onions and mushrooms.  The first layer was sliced squash.  Next, I mixed up roughly chopped chicken with some yogurt, cottage cheese, lemon, dried parsley, salt and pepper.  I spread that over the squash layer, then toped it off with the onions and mushrooms, then added another layer of squash.  I scrambled 8 eggs, added some cream, shredded low moisture mozzrella and some hard italian cheese (salt and pepper of course).  Poured that over everything else, and then topped it with half moons of fresh mozzarella.  Baked it at 350 for about 40 minutes, and voila!

Linsay and Ted brought a baguette, antipasto spread.  It was a delicious meal.

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