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Dinner>Leftovers for breakfast

Two days ago I roasted a pretty big buttercup squash (my favorite kind).  I cooked up some wheatberries, mixed them with corn, goats cheese, yogurt, parsley, dukkah, cooked lamb sausage, and sauteed veggies. Then I stuffed the squash with it, and cooked an egg to put on top.  I planned on eating it all.  However, squash is very dense, and I had to give up half way though.  This meant that I would have leftovers, and I am fine with that.  Especially when they include my favorite things!  So this is meal 4 of the same thing, haha. This is how I generally approach cooking, so sometimes actually remembering to think about proportions in order to relay them to all of you slips my mind.  I generally just buy what I know I like, open the fridge, see what’s in the cupboard, and make something.  I read a lot  of food blogs, but most of the recipes in them just become absorbed into my brain, and I use them as needed.  Following a recipe just seems like too much work sometimes.

The original photos from my dinner have terrible lighting, but here it is anyway:

Here is the breakfast:  mango, toast heart, squash, poached egg!

Last night there were crazy storms here in DC.  I awoke at 1 AM to howling winds, torrential rains, and lightning bolts.  I was reading an old online profile from my DeviantArt site that I haven’t touched in ages.  In my description of myself, I said that I like waking up in the middle of the night to thunderstorms, then falling back to sleep.  Some things never change, and hopefully the those are only the good things.

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