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Not Cooked By Liz

Winter in the midwest.


Well, hello there.  I am on the waning edge of my trip to the midwest, and am sadly leaving this place yet again.  I had grown to harbour such a strange resentment of Kalamazoo while I lived here, and now the benefits of nostalgia, friendships, family, and a beautiful community tug on my heart.  There is a certain gravity here, and I think I can begin to appreciate my home more than I thought I ever would.  Very grateful for this.  I am returning to DC with 4 bags of midwestern coffee (Waterstreet, Metropolis, Kalamazoo Coffee Roasters), my dear hot sauce (Clancy’s Fancy), favorite granola from Milk & Honey, and delicious bread from Sarkozy’s.  (Note: when bringing back loot from out of town, try to actually plan ahead for this, and maybe like leave some space in your suitcase on the outset.  Just sayin’.)

Anyway, here are some photos of food from my trip.  I went to Chicago for a few days, and had a fabulous time catching up with old friends.  Lin and I went to this delicious restaurant called Takashi.

Seared Duck Breast

Grilled Octopus Salad

Old home

I also went to Martini’s in Kalamazoo last night.  I love this place so much!  Delicious food, started in a basement, and now it’s one of the most popular pizza places in town!  I made some new friends, ate pizza and drank beer… life is good.

Finally,  I went to Food Dance for brunch with my lovely parents.  I got a potato pancake and a locally raised awesomely tasty breakfast sausage patty, two poached eggs, and challah.  Super good.  Mom got a scramble, and my Dad also got the same thing I did – keep in mind he and I will also be taking over the universe at some point.  It will be awesome.

When we arrived in the restaurant, it was pretty busy.  We were immediately offered scone samples and complimentary coffee.  Then, when Mom and I were standing by the ice cream cooler (they sell gourmet, homemade ice cream), a lovely young lady offered us samples!  We tried the sweet potato and torched marshmallow flavor, the lime cardamom yogurt (decidedly our favorite), the olive oil and sea salt, and the berry crisp.  Now that is service!

Food Dance has been a long time favorite of mine, and has gotten so big.  I remember coming here and falling in love with waffles, flourless chocolate cake, and Clancy’s Fancy!  It has a seminal role in my appreciation for delicious, local, fresh, healthy, and fantastic food.  The ambiance is really nice also, and they have great drinks.  Here are some of the delicious things we ate!

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One response

  1. Carol Glidden

    Hi, Liz, Great pictures & blog! Sorry I missed running into you, so to speak, while you were here.

    I do love your blog.

    I moved twice, to a different Great Lakes state each time, when I was in middle school (called “jr. high” then). Kalamazoo is definitely the best of those. Maybe my moving-in-the-past is the reason I’ve stayed here!

    Thanks for all this.


    February 14, 2011 at 9:50 am

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