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Funemployment (aka I get paid to make pizza all day)

Quite literally.  The reason for my absence the past few days is due to the fact I have begun a new job.  I am working at the Washington Deli Catering company.  It is fantastic.  I cold called Jim on Monday, he told me to send him my resume and CV, and at 9:30 PM that night he told me if I were so inclined to show up at the deli before 7 AM the next morning, he would love to show me “what they do.”  Well, boy do they DO!!  I am almost at a loss to describe how awesome the place is, how fun my new team is, and what amazing food is produced.

It is located on 20th and K, the entrance is on 20th street even though the address says K (must have to do with where the mailboxes are or something silly).  I walked in at 6:30 sharp and immediately began assembling trays of pastries, bagels, muffins, croissants, scones, etc.  Jim is such a friendly guy – as all the rest of the staff arrived, he introduced me to each person.  I have since found out he likes Sam Kinison and can do a mean Gordon Ramsey impression going off about terrible risotto.  Brett is his right hand man showed up next, and he and I set to work getting all the lunch catering orders together.  We are now a well oiled machine, and have a great time developing effective organizational systems for our work.

At around 11:45 after doing some deliveries and entering random offices within walking distance and observing Important Meetings, I come back and begin to make pizza.  And serve pizza.  And eat pizza.  And learn Spanish and speak Spanglish, cuss and tell dirty jokes in Span(glis)h, all while making new friends and with whom to badger and smack talk.  It is mad sass, laughter, a piping hot oven, smooth dough in my hands, and long hours making food.  This is, apparently, what I was supposed to do; my heart says yes.

Today I had this epiphany about the kind of work that makes me happy.  I wheeled the cart of food down the sidewalk, wearing pig tails with pens sticking out of them a goofy bandana, my Toms shoes, nice thoughts in my head, entered a random loading dock, wandered through a strange corridor where I met hilarious building security, set up the food while everyone who was wearing a suit completely ignored me.  Most of my work has involved things like this – manual labor, going on random errands, observing the inner workings of big kid land.  It is a certain tonic for other things, and being able to walk around outside while being paid on a day like today is something I would not trade for the world.

The first photo in this series is included because my best friend Eric (we’ve known one another since age 5) visited me for a few hours on Monday.  We ate a whole bunch of El Salvadoran food at this random restaurant and had a great time catching up.  Eric and I used to host a pot luck at this apartment we lived in together many years ago.  It went strong for about a year, every week, with a huge turn out.  He played a huge role in the process of me learning and loving cooking.  We used to make soup together a lot – he makes a mean carrot ginger puree, which I payed homage to in my heart when I made something similar for the Hot Liquids party.

The rest of the photos are basically a day in the life now.  So awesome.

Making one…

A delivery experience, very shiny elevator.  Nicest one I’ve seen in a while..

Some elevators even have TVs in them so you can watch 5 seconds of CNN while your smart phone is out of service in the elevator.  Phew!

On my way home, I came across this grocery store located on Georgia Avenue.  I liked the sign.  Somehow I think it may be false advertising, but who knows..

This weekend I plan to actually cook something at home, and will certainly tell you all about it.

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