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Good Roommates, Good Times

I had the pleasure of sharing several amazing meals with my roommates and their friends over the past week.  On Sunday I cooked with Seth, who has a background as a professional chef!  He made some amazing steaks for us, and we had a surf & turf meal with salad and asparagus.

On Tuesday I made my Sweet Potato Risotto for everyone.  It was a hit.  I love to make it because it requires all of my favorite things – lots of chopping, stirring, nursing, tasting, and then adding yogurt.  Yum!  I topped it with the Andouille sausage that Seth sauteed so fantastically in butter, then crisped it up.  The contrast was perfect with the delicate risotto and the spicy sausage.  We even shared some with Anton, a lovely rotwieler we are lucky enough to live with. (And Seth contributed his skills and a chocolate cake… Good idea, Seth.)

Tonight we just happened to be cooking at the same time.  After meaningful conversation, we sat down and watched TV.  I am now watching American Idol (very passively) as I write this.  It is the first actual television I have seen in…not sure how long.  I think that is a good thing.

When you eat pizza everyday at work, sometimes this is in order:

Garbage Salad and a Roasted Oriental Sweet Potato topped with Tomato Chutney.

Ross and Brian made baked salmon, steamed veggies, and wild rice.  Simple and delicious.

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