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Hey everyone… could use some assistance.

SO here is the dilemma:

  1. I wake up really early for work and have little time in the morning, so I usually just eat fruit and boring yogurt .
  2. I can eat for free at work, bring a salad and slice home.
  3. I seem to only want to eat roasted squash and sweet potatoes.
  4. I eat by myself like 90% of the time.
  5. I cook all day at work, and am finally understanding the “why bother” effect of that.
  6. I am about to be busy from 6:30 AM until 8:30 PM everyday outside of the house during weekdays.

SO this dilemma seems to mean that I only have weekends for fun and exciting projects.  I am considering maybe doing a more focused exploration on baking to showcase here.  Perhaps you all have had your fair share of my roasted squash/poached egg based concoctions.  I guess, like most things in life, change begs change.

That said, I would love to hear any ideas for baking or ways to deal with the six issues outlined above.  Otherwise, I can just keep posting endless photos of pizza, haha.

Since I have only been talking so far, I will provide some photos… perhaps the first real off topic section of a post I have done.  Photography has been enjoyable lately – I am working on a side project (shh – top secret) that will soon be unveiled.  But here is a sneak preview of what I call Groundscore Series…

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