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I Ate Out

Today I had a nice lunch all by myself.  I went to this restaurant Ezme in Dupont that I had heard serves delicious Turkish food.  I have been wanting to try this cuisine to see how it differs from Lebanese fare.  I had a very lovely waiter, and I read my fun art magazine while I ate.  Sometimes a nice lunch brightens up the day just enough.

I screwed up and accidentally used the hipsamatic camera thing for some of the photos, but oh well.  I got an arugula salad with a lemon vinaigrette and feta cheese, a yogurt dill cucumber cold soup, scallops on an eggplant puree, and it came with this cute Turkish pillow bread.  The scallops were PERFECT – I think the last time I ate them they were overcooked and rubbery.  This place nailed them – crunchy, salty sear, and a buttery center… awesome.  It felt good to sit at the cafe on my own, eating food that I was so nourishing.  I might try to recreate the soup sometime soon because I really liked it.  I think that the only thing I would have changed in its presentation would be to include some kind of crunchy topping to sprinkle on, or perhaps a roasted pepper aioli or even a carrot or pea puree to swirl in the middle.  I think that would taste great and look really pretty.  And definitely a little bit of cayenne for punch.

I am going home for a visit, so look forward to more exciting dinner posts from me in the near future.  I got this fish cookbook at the neighbor’s moving sale (the girl who was there for the dinner I wrote about the 3 posts ago), and it teaches you how to properly choose, prepare, and use all sorts of fish.  That is something I would like to learn.  I remember watching this episode of some cooking show where three chefs are, of course, having a time sensitive showdown.  They were supposed to use fish, beets, beet greens, and I think it was like coffee or something really weird in the dish.  One of the participants was totally caught off guard because he was unable to debone the fish properly, and wasted more of the flesh than he should have, thus affecting the size of the portions the judges were eating.  They also thought that it was simply cooked poorly.  I think that learning more specific techniques with cooking fish and shellfish would be a nice thing to focus on this summer, since all the fresh produce and summer heat will give rise to many interesting possibilities for that.  Should be fun.

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