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Donnegal Ave Diner is OPEN

The past few days I ate well, and so did the patrons of my diner. First I serve the coffee, then I make eggs to order (mine is poached, her’s scrambled). If you want to make a profit, thou shalt not waste – leftovers for breakfast go the distance. I haven’t posted about the original dishes that I made to produce these leftovers, so I may time travel style and post about it. I mean, create a separate post about the dinners to be added next… Strategery?

I have this great blackboard sign from a restaurant that I found next to this dumpster in an alley while I lived in Chicago.  I think that I am going to have to put it up.  If I had it now, it would say Caribbean Mitten Rice & Eggs Your Way.

Leftover breakfast #1: Rice, perfectly ripe mango, roasted plantains, coconut rice, eggs.

Leftover breakfast #2: Rice, Baked Sweet potato slices, Eggs, Mango

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