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Walk & Lunch

I have cooked more for people [that I know] than I have in months, and it made me so happy.

Yesterday I walked to the cafe where I took all those photos I posted yesterday.  My walk took me from the Arcadia neighborhood down through the bro student ghetto area, across the bridge over Howard, down the road with no sidewalk, across the train tracks, up a big hill, and down a scenic route [Oakland Drive].  There were a few people jogging by, and just as I was beginning to wonder about the sanity or lack thereof that seemed to be the reason for such sparing outdoor activity, I saw something which made me very happy: a girl on her bicycle wearing fuzzy plaid pants and a dayglow blue nightgown with bright yellow ducks in a grid covering it.  She was practicing as her grandfather watched from a slight distance, and a charming golden retriever smelled the grass near a pine tree.  It made me smile, remembering my own bike learning experience.  I am super stubborn, so I remember deciding I was going to learn to ride without training wheels, and with single minded obsession, I practiced for a very short time – perhaps only 2 or 3 days, and then I could do it.  Perhaps that is what cooking is like, or any process based challenge or learning experience: focus helps.  So does a stubborn streak.  But Perhaps even more than that, a singleminded drive and vision of some sort, is super helpful.


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