intuitive cooking, sensible eating.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner… & Dessert.

I have been meaning to update this since I got back, so I am going to begin with this:

melted & golden brown. Nice.

I also had the pleasure of cooking with my cousin, Shelby.  She and I have not spent much time together in general, let alone just the two of us.  We went on a nice walk, and I showed her how to poach fish!  We used this steelhead that my Grandpa’s friend, Jason, caught.  It feels good to eat fish that someone got out of the water themselves, not from some distant ocean with so much bycatch, fossil fuels, and storage involved.  It kind of sucks because I love to eat fish, and I want to eat more of it, but I always feel kind of …. fishy when I do.  My cousin Cameron is a fisherman, though, so maybe he and I can spend some time in a boat catching blue gill.  That would be pretty awesome.

We also made dessert – blueberry crisp!

The Diner was definitely still open, as well.  Breakfast & coffee with my mom has been a special time for me over the years – we both always have breakfast, and so this part of the day is the bedrock for the rest.  It makes me super happy.


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