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Home is Nice

I arrived back into Kalamazoo yesterday evening.  My lovely Aunt Ginny and Uncle Ron came to pick me up, and helped me bring all my things back here.  They are now in a garage waiting for an apartment to put them in.  The drive through Ohio was slightly more exciting than it usually is, only because it was raining cats and dogs the entire time.  Pennsylvania was sporting a fantastic 77 on the mercury, but once you entered the deluge, it dropped 25+ degrees.  Michigan is 40ish today, mercury rising (thank goodness).  Crocuses are up in the yard, and I am ready for Spring #2 to happen.

After unpacking last night, I decided to get some food from my old work spot, Shawarma King.  When I walked in, Nidal greeted me, and then did a double take as he immediately recognized me.  He looks good, and was telling me about all the changes that have happened since we last saw one another.  He now owns all the Shawarma King businesses, and even the building for the one located on Drake.  I remember when I first started working there he was sous chef, there super late, and trying to deal with an understaffed restaurant and kitchen.  He kept a tight ship, and we did the best we could.  I am so happy to see how nice it looks in there, and the creativity he has brought to the food.  Everything was SO delicious, and I know I will be going there often.  Maybe I can even cook for HIM someday!  Anyway, hats off to Nidal and Shawarma King.  It made me so happy to eat there, and to be recognized by an old friend on my first day back.  It is not so easy to blend in here, and I think that is exactly what I need right now. I worked with Nidal for 2 years, and the crew there was like family. Late nights, so much food, so many inside jokes that the stressful moments seem to pale in comparison.

The first photo is something hilarious I saw on the road – an oil tanker advertising coffee on the back. I think if I ever open a diner for real, I will have to try this stuff! It sounds like a real deal, and it’s always smart to buy in bulk, after all 🙂

The ones lit by a lamp is my dinner last night, and then the bright shots with the coffee next to it was leftovers for breakfast.

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