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OT Post: 20/20 in Hindsight

Since moving home I have become increasingly nostalgic. Looking through my old boxes of important items, I have found cards from my grandmothers, old Onion articles I thought were super funny and printed, and AOL emails with that classic footer included.

I also found my old photos, journals, and notes passed in classes from friends.

One of my favorite discoveries has been this:

My grandma Huggett – my namesake – got this for me at Goodwill. I wrote about receiving the journal in its first entry recounts this gift, says my cat is super cute, includes the requisite middle school related gossip (with such gems as being pissed at a friend for dating this guy I made out with and definitely liked), self loathing, and a tale of horseback riding lessons! Oh, to be 13…… :/ The last entry apologizes to the book itself by stating there is not enough room to include photos, and that I would be switching to a new book, but there ought not be any hard feelings. (You know you’re overly sensitive when you apologize to inanimate objects. Just sayin’.)

Moral of the story: be kind to yourself, especially with the words you say in your head. Inner monologue that is mean will not get you anywhere except back to square one. I should also say that to encourage this in those you see around you, especially young people, would be a good thing for the world. Though, lord knows, they don’t always listen…

I am so not into spirituality, otherworldliness, ghosts, and things of that nature. I do, however, enjoy horoscopes and zodiac descriptions sometimes. I usually check out Astrobarry for that. This journal has descriptions of Astrological signs that I thought were interesting.

A deep, mysterious character; often deceptive in telling the truth. Very rhythmical and fond of dancing. Gentle and amiable. Inclined to procrastinate. Prone to making excuses to justify their actions. Not so good in financial affairs, but astonishingly accurate if necessary. Mathematical ability great. A gentle and subtle speaker. Domestic. In public affairs sound and conservative. Shrewd in tactics, ingenious. Make a good scientist, philosopher or clergyman. Best friends – Aquarius or Gemini.

What strikes me about this is how accurate it is in the way I see myself, even though this journal is 50 years old.

My mom & other people:

An all around person, but specializing in nothing. Fond of imparting knowledge to others. An excellent teacher, a good surgeon, and a poor mathematician. Kind, generous, and courageous. Common sense stupendous, but too practical to be visionary. Never gives quick or drastic decisions; too restrand and discreet. Writes fluently and pleasantly, but too superficial to be real authors. Many bachelors. A good public citizen. Best companions – Gemini & Libra.

Another sign I have dealt with a great deal, for good measure:

Both active and passive, their determination of an idea cannot be balked, but if hert they can lose heart. Idealistic, poetic, romantic and imaginative, often times lazy. Inspiring teachers or guides. Rarely strongly intellectual. Spiritually developed. Moody. Easily adaptable to environment. Writes fluently and pleasantly, but unoriginal. Easily swayed and should cultivate independence, generally taking the line of least resistance. Enjoy working with their hands. Best friends – Pices & Scorpio.

If anyone is curious about their retro astrology, let me know šŸ™‚

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  1. Ginger

    Let’s hear gemini please.

    April 17, 2011 at 1:54 am

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