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Sadderday Sunday

When there are days like this you can just tell people about them, and then it is easier to remember how nice everybody you know is.  When there are days like this, when it’s a little colder than you’d like it to be, then you can remember how it’s not even colder.  Can we all help other work on not complaining so much, or putting negative spin onto small details, which then cast so many small shadows across our days.  Before we truly realise how it became cloudy inside our heads and hearts, and it’s not just the weather that is colder than we would like.  It is thoughts, it is not smiling enough, it is salty wet cheeks, it is forgetting how lucky, it is remembering the bad before the good, it is forgetting the good because of time spend remembering the bad, and it is definitely one of those days you make banana bread and banana muffins.  Then you can give little parts of your day to others who help you remember that to be loved, you must love in return.  And not just say about it, do about it.  When I stirred the batter, I just might have added more than enough salt, but maybe that part of me needs to be added in for good measure. If I did not create this myself, and stir it in, then I must not be living.  If I did not watch it dissolve, and remember how many times we stirred in the brown butter, if I stop doing what I love because sometimes it makes me even a little bit sadder, then how would I find so many new things to show you that I learned along the way?

Today I remembered why I know what to do when there are days like this, and I made something beautiful for my heart and yours; these are for you.

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