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Potluck: What I made

Since these recipes are going to be available in the cookbook, I am going to have to hold back on that for a bit.  Sorry.  Hopefully all the rest of the recipes I post will suffice until you can get your hands on the finished product!  To tide everyone over, though, I will post pictures that I took while making the dishes I brought.

The first one is Corn Oat Muffins with Hardboiled Eggs inside (whole ones), and a preserved lemon/asparagus garnish.  The second is a Cauliflower Roulade with a Goats Cheese Herb/Arugula/Sprout filling, and a Goat Cheese Saffron Yogurt Sauce.  Complete with a side salad of sprouts, arugula, dandelion (from yard), little flowers (from yard), and carrot shavings.  Lightly dressed.  Mouthful to write these titles!

Oh, and these both won.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and thank you for bringing food as well. I enjoyed every bite that everyone shared.

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