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Edible Plants: Eating Kale

This week there was a bunch of kale in my fridge.  At the grocery store I almost walked past it, but it jumped out at me, and my memory said “HEY!  BUY THAT!”  Remembering my promise to myself that I would eat more kale, I grabbed it up.  In the check out, the cashier said he personally had rung up about 10 bunches of kale that day.  This was super unusual, as he told us weeks will pass without seeing any of it pass through his hands.  There is something in the water telling us to eat more kale?  Whatever it is, seems like a good thing that people in my town are on the same page as I about boosting our nutrition.

I made two things with the kale a few days ago.  For breakfast I just sauteed onion and garlic, then braised the leaves with those things, some olive oil, salt and pepper, and squeezed lemon over it.  Served it with scrambled eggs and berries.  It was tasty.

Then, for dinner I made a large batch of pizza/pasta sauce.  It was “semi homemade” for sure – I got some vodka sauce, sun dried tomato sauce, and took a can of stewed tomatoes.  Tossed those into a pan of sauteed onion, added some balsamic vinegar, basil, and tossed in a few handfulls of kale.  It was really go0d.  I made gnocchi with it for dinner, and then used it on the pizza I made Wednesday.

Oh, and I roasted some golden beets – so good!

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