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Ramp Week: Pizza with Pesto

I made some pizza last night using the ramp pesto made on Monday.  I had some pizza dough I made using my usual recipe that was frozen from a double batch made a few weeks ago.  I heated up the oven to 550 (highest it will go) for half an hour before pre – baking the crust a bit.  I usually do that since our oven just doesn’t get hot enough to cook fast enough to produce the lovely crispy/doughy combination that brick ovens or big commercial ovens can.

I spread the pesto over the pre-baked crust, and topped it with a combination of shredded gruyere, smoked swiss, and then some goats cheese.  Shaved parm on after baking, of course.  I also used some caramelized onions, lightly charred mushrooms, and ramp leaf chiffonnade.  The pizza was really tasty – I highly recommend trying out this pesto while you can.  If you make it, don’t forget to whip up some grilled cheese with it…

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