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Olive Oil Cake, Honey Lemon Goat Cheese Buttercream

This week’s potluck cookoff is themed Greens & Herbs.  I love to do the you think it should be sweet but it’s savory trick, and decided I’d make an olive oil cake.  I had one once for dessert at an Italian restaurant last year involving an impromptu afternoon trip to botanic gardens, a bottle of wine, bike ride ghetto kids style, and all sorts of hijinx.  The cake and day were both really good.

Since this is for the cookoff, which will produce a cookbook at the end, I am not going to post the recipe – unless it wins, and then I will amend this post 😉  We shall see… Instead I will provide another recipe that I came across while researching how to make this kind of cake, and it sounded very awesome.  It involves chocolate, and you know you can’t go wrong if there is chocolate involved.  If you have not looked at this website, it is fantastic also, so make sure to check out other things besides this.

I hope you guys can put up with some nice pictures until I know the verdict on how it tastes, not just how it looks!

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