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Baking Adventure: Top Secret Focaccia 3 Ways

Beet Focaccia

I have done very little bread baking in my day.  I made a really nasty whole wheat baguette once, made some pretzel rolls that were mediocre, the bagels were good (a lot of work, but worth it), but my main experience has been with making pizza dough.  I have been wanting to expand upon this, and start small.  I asked myself, what kind of bread is easy and cheap to make, tends to be forgiving, but super tasty?  It came to me: focaccia.

First I whipped up a basic dough recipe, and topped it with oil, Italian seasoning, fresh parsley that I’d dried out overnight, and grated smoked Swiss.  I think it may be one of the more delicious things I’ve made lately – fresh out of the oven and warm, served with butter, it was outrageously tasty.  With this success under my belt, I have now adopted the concept of focaccia as two things: a fantastic blank canvass to integrate all sorts of flavors, herbs, seasonings, cheeses, meats, and other fun things in.  It also is something I might be able to sell… That is why the recipe is Top Secret.  I will, dear readers, appease you with some food porn (classy terminology, I know, but if any of you know me, I embody class).  Anyway, so my first foray into crazy focaccia land were chocolate cherry and beet.  More to come as I get more inspired and adventurous!

Oh, and here’s a really tasty looking recipe you can try 🙂  Serve it as a breakfast sandwich like I did, eat with butter, regular sandwich, eggs benedict, and use leftovers for sweet or savory bread pudding!

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