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Pasta Sauce

Quickly making pasta out of whatever is there can always produce an interesting process from its start to finish.  Naturally, one of the two most important parts of sauce – the base (the other, being time) was where I started with this dish.

Open the fridge, what is here that could add depth of flavor?  Bacon.

Step #1 fry up like four slices of bacon.

Next, see what vegetables you have.  Hopefully some onions, garlic, at least.  We did not even have carrots, which I lamented for about 10 seconds, and then set forth chopping up the mushrooms, onions, and celery.

Step #2 pull out bacon once it’s crispy, pour off some of the grease into your grease can, then put it back on and begin to saute the veggies over pretty high heat.

Hopefully you’ll have some sort of random cooking wine left laying around.  That would be nice at a moment like this, right?  What can add depth of flavor to this sauce without having to work too hard – so far, bacon and wine seemed obvious.  And voila’, a box of leftover Franzia from an event.

Step #3 deglaze the pan with some white or red wine – whatever you have.  You’ll loosen up all the awesome bacon browning and impart the aromatic nature of wine into the sauce.

What kind of tomatoes are these?  They’re canned.  Oh, I wish they were whole tomatoes, but this will have to do (crushed).

Step #4 pour the large can of crushed tomatoes into the pan, season with salt and pepper, add in a couple of bay leaves.  Toss in the bacon, chopped, to let it continue to make the sauce bacony.

OK cool, now to see what else there is which could be good in the sauce… Open the fridge again.  Oh great!  We still have parsley, and, what’s this?!  LEFTOVER BASIL!  Score!

Step #4 chiffonnade basil and chop up celery to be added when sauce is finishing up.

Now the old leaning into the fridge, poking around, seeing what else could be good.  What about some artichoke hearts?  We need to use those up.  I think that could work with bacon – kind of seems like I should have made a quiche with these things, but too late.

Step #5 drain & rinse hearts, rough chop, and put in with the herbs after the sauce is to your liking.

It is, indeed, ad hoc, or…. shall I say, ad hog.


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