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Washington Deli Catering

Pro Bono Pizza & Karmic Waffles

You know you have a great job when you go in just to make pizzas without being paid.  Saturdays are very slow at the deli since downtown DC is a desert on the weekends.  I started my day realizing why I am definitely not vegan.  Or maybe it just needed salt?

Before I left my neighborhood, my friend and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond because I wanted to buy an apron.  While we were there I was commenting on the fact that I would like to own a waffle maker before too long.  Then, on my walk from Columbia Heights down to K & 20th, I found a box that was labeled “Free.”  Inside it was a waffle iron!!!  Unreal.  Ask and you shall receive, I guess!  The box also contained various saute pans, sauce pans, cutting boards, and a cheese grater.  The funniest thing about this was that I also bought a cheese grater while at BBB, and so by the time I arrived at work I was carrying 2 cheese graters.  You know you’re a cook when you have 2 cheese graters in tow at any given moment.

Once I got to the deli I set to work on my pizzas.  I made 2, and you will see the tragedy that was the third at the end of the post – an epic fail.  But that’s cooking… mistakes were made, haha. When I arrived, Brett was working on an amazing breakfast pizza for the employees of the art store in our building.  It was the first pizza I had seen him make, as he is usually working hard overseeing everything at the store.  It looked so good!

veggies, potatoes, scrambled egg poured over!

Brett’s Breakfast Pizza

Next, I sent to work on my own recipe.  I call it the Sunshine Pizza because it is yellow and happy and in honor of someone I who has brought such special light to my life.  It was my first time serving food to strangers in the general public; I feel like I was published!

You can also see the upstairs kitchen of the deli – so many toys! Oh, and words for the wise… Do not get engaged in conversation after putting your last pie in.  This is what may happen… Oops.  Maybe a little too much sunshine?